Blooming Butterfly

My Pastor often gives analogies so we can grasp certain spiritual concepts.   A few Bible Study classes ago, he explained the term metamorphosis.  He explained that the transition of an unattractive caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly is an example of this incredible transformation. This took me back to second grade when our class witnessed the process, watching them constantly eat, settle into their cocoons and amazingly bloom into full-fledged butterflies!  Pastor compared this evolution to our own personal transition when we decide to believe and follow Christ.  That night after getting home, I sat there thanking God.  Why? Because I realized over the past few years I’d been “morphing” into the butterfly God intended me to be!

I “technically” accepted Christ at ten years old but I feel like I just started this journey FORREAL… transforming into the person I need to be in order to live out His purpose.  I accepted Him at a young age because I saw how much my family believed in and on Him.  As a child I always attended church.  Church was in my DNA so of course when I went away for college, I found a local fellowship and college ministry so that I would continue to receive and learn the Word.  I attribute this era of my life to learning specifically about God’s faith, trust, and having an intimate relationship with Him. I remember particularly being intrigued and inspired by the Pastor’s series on intimacy; having that continuous one-on-one time with God similar to time spent with friends or family members.  As he taught about intimacy, I began to desire communicating with God more and understanding I could go directly to Him for things like my anxiety issues regarding school, family or personal issues.  Up until this point in my life, I had only believed and scratched the surface of His capabilities.  Even though I was LEARNING about communication, and the how to, where to go and what to do when, I wasn’t fully ready to try Him or stop indulging in some of my bad habits.

Wholeness: A Poem

I was in the early phase of my life
Living for the moment was all I aspired
Disregarding the need to consider what tomorrow brings
What the outcome of my actions would yield

His love was however, always evident around me
Never letting me stray too far off
Before realising within, my own wrong deeds
And repenting like a back-and-forth prodigal son

The stray walks never seemed to end nevertheless
Regardless of God's love, mercy and forgiveness
It seemed so easy to just walk right back into sin
Always choosing the easy way out of life, I did

Till I woke up and found myself in wrong company
The same clique that seemed previously, so real
Suddenly looked like a gathering of lost souls
Justifying all reckless acts on basis of 'Christ has died for us all'

Then in the dead of a night, I sobbed
Getting up from my bed and acknowledging my errs
Knowing it would cherish me nothing more than a mediocre growth
Yet our greatest desire is to be more than a living testimony
To ourselves and those around us

So I knelt before God
Cried my life out to Him alone
Asking Him to wash me clean with Christ's Blood
And make me once and for all whole
Promising him to rid myself of all associations
That would continue to setback our regular conversations

So my heavenly Father heard me
Out of my sincerity, He heeded my plea
His touch within me, I felt so strongly
Absolute freedom, my heart acknowledged deeply
'So this is what it feels like' I said within
'To be cleansed, whole and completely free'
Thank you Lord.

Micheal, Contributer
Hey!! I'm from Osun State in South-West Nigeria. I am a Computer-Science graduate and I am currently studying for a postgraduate qualification in Information Technology while working as an IT Projects Engineer!! I am a firm believer in God Almighty and I enjoy living under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I love sharing my written pieces through my social media pages and hope to share them with you guys too! My watchword is – "With God, all things are possible".

Choosing Purity

The world we live in today has been contaminated by an over exposure to sexual sin. Everything we watch, read and hear points to sex and purity has become unfashionable. We have become so blind that we fail to acknowledge that sexual sins have spiritual consequences. Sexual sin is so serious that it can bring weakness to anyone’s walk with God.  It is almost impossible to develop or maintain intimacy with God when we allow sin to take over our bodies.

“Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? Or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart” Psalm 24:3-4

A major sin that many Christians battle with is lust. Lust is the root cause of many sins in our world today such as fornication, adultery, premarital sex, pornography, and homosexual relations. A popular Christian author once defined lust like this: "To lust is to want what you don't have and weren't meant to have. Lust goes beyond attraction, and appreciation of beauty, or even a healthy desire for sex—it makes these desires more important than God. Lust wants to go outside God's guidelines to find satisfaction."

Lust is the defining struggle for our generation.
Ok but, what is lust exactly? The dictionary defines lust as an intense or unrestrained sexual craving. The Bible also mentions lust in a variety of different ways but Job 31:11-12 summarises what lust is perfectly:

"For lust is a shameful sin, a crime that should be punished. It is a devastating fire that destroys to hell. It would wipe out everything I own."

Lust pushes its slave (us) to continually do what pleases us. That doesn’t make sense right? How can a slave master want their slave to always do as they please? Well that’s how it works, we think we are doing what pleases us, but in reality the more we do what lust wants such as watching pornography, fornicating, dwelling on impure thoughts, the longer we stay in its bondage. When we do what lust tells us to do, the more enslaved we become, and freedom becomes harder to achieve.

Why do we struggle with lust

Promise me, do not awaken love until the time is right” Songs of Solomon 8:4

That’s the problem with our generation, we are too quick to let our emotions run wild and control us instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us. We awaken feelings and emotions before Gods appointed time and allow the devil to plant seeds of sexual desire in our minds and that now influences our actions. 
Another reason why many of us struggle with lust is because we think we won’t get caught. We believe that lust isn’t a visible sin. It’s not stealing and it’s not murder, so it’s not that big of a deal, right? So technically God has to forgive you. No!

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.Galatians 6:7-8
“What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid” Romans 6:1-2
Modern day Christianity tells us that some sins are bigger than others so God won’t mind if you commit small sins. That’s a lie! We are also led to believe that God will always forgive as long as you keep asking. This is partially true but not completely.
 1. Sin is sin; there is no hierarchy for sin. Murder and premarital sex are both the same in Gods eyes. We shouldn’t allow the devil to trick us into thinking that some sins aren’t as important as others. 2. If you ask God for forgiveness, He will forgive. However, if you approach God with no desire to change and with the intention of staying in your sin and just asking for forgiveness when you’re done, then we have a problem. God’s forgiveness is based on true repentance. To repent means to turn away from sin completely, admit that you were wrong and decide that if you face the same temptation again, you would make the right decision.

Living A Progressive Life

A friend of mine recently took a management course online for career and personal development reasons. This somehow impacted me. We all want to keep achieving more as we grow. In our academics, we are obliged to succeed at each stage so we can move on to the next level. In our careers, we put in effort to achieve optimum outcomes so we can eventually earn some form of reward. In business, we aim to achieve great goals and reach many clients which in turn brings in more profit for us. Finally, in our families, we want our family members to prosper in all they do.
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you
(Matthew 6:33)

However, the main area we need to be progressive with in is our spiritual life and connection with God. As we grow physically, we need to realise that all these achievements are God's will for us and we need to keep nurturing our relationship with Him alongside all we do. God is responsible as our heavenly father for providing our needs and helping us achieve our life goals while we are also obliged as His children to acknowledge His presence and will over our lives.

The way we feel about having our regular meals and health checks is the way we should feel about spending time in God's word. Our daily meditation is very essential for us to grow closer to God everyday. The benefits of keeping a constant and growing relationship with God tremendously outweighs the outcome of living a neutral lifestyle. God has a way of making all the happenings around us work out for our good. He can turn the greatest of disappointments into opportunities. Our aims and objectives can be achieved with the least effort on our part just because we have dedicated our life to His will. When we spend time meditating on His word everyday, He acknowledges such acts and also keeps us under His watch, He releases our mind from all sorts of worries, anxieties or fear of the unknown.

And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not. And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in (Isaiah  58:11-12).

As we therefore go about our daily lives, aiming for our various goals, let's consider bringing Christ into all our affairs. Let's ask Him to teach us because we do not know how to proceed without Him. Let's practice regular communication with God through our prayers. Let's spend time meditating on God's word as we will always find a scripture that will lead us in the right path. Let's make a plan of how close we intend to be with Jesus Christ as we grow. Let's trust in Him to make our paths smooth and void of fear, worries and anxiety.

God bless

Michael, Contributor 
Hey!! I'm from Osun State in South-West Nigeria. I am a Computer-Science graduate and I am currently studying for a postgraduate qualification in Information Technology while working as an IT Projects Engineer!! I am a firm believer in God Almighty and I enjoy living under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I love sharing my written pieces through my social media pages and hope to share them with you guys too! My watchword is – "With God, all things are possible".

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